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Welcome to Embark

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Pet Friendly, Wallet Friendly, Flexible Scheduling, We Cater to Special Needs Pets

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We have proudly served the Lincoln community since 2014

We specialize in working with senior pups, rescue pets and pets who may have had difficulty/behavior with grooming in the past.

Embark's founder, also known as Lar's mom, has over 20 years of industry experience, has trained more than 40 industry professional groomers and worked with pets in 8 cities throughout the Midwest.

Embark now offers in store and mobile services through our sister company, the Barker Shoppe. We offer complete, professional grooming services for dogs of all sizes, breeds and ages. We treat each pet with gentle dignity and respect as if they are our own.

We offer flexible scheduling by appointment at a variety of days of times. Please contact us if you need help finding something that will work for you and your pup. You can chat with us here on the site or send us a text at (402) 915-1009.

Our long time little pal, Bentley H.

Doggie Drop Ins Saturday at 12:00 and 2:00pm

Doggie Drop-Ins at 12:00 and 2:00pm every Saturday. No RSVP or appointment required for any of the following:


During Drop-In Hours Each Saturday ONLY, $6.00 EACH or 3 Services for $15.00


-- Puppy Pics: Perfect for greeting cards, winter media, and family fun. Get a pic of your pup that is all decked out for winter


-- Nail Trims: Keep your pup's paws in check with nail trims every 8 weeks for routine maintenance. This helps prevent cracked nails, broken/lost nails, arthritis, paws and feet breaking down, and reduces chance of injury.


--Nail Grinding: All of the benefits of nail trimming, plus the nails are filed smooth to help prevent accidental scrapes to parents, furniture, and/or flooring.


-- Ear Cleaning: Can include ear hair extraction for appropriate breeds


--Fur Tattoo or Fur Coloring (Temporary): Get something fun or funky to brighten you and your pup's mood.


-- Anal Gland Expression: Is your pup scooting his bum or sliding along the carpet? He may need a gland expression to be relieved. Non-invasive


--Teeth Brushing: Includes toothbrush, regular maintenance required. Let us help jumpstart your routine and freshen your pet up in the process.


-- Puppy Facials: Is your pup's eyes covered up or bangs hanging low? Get a puppy facial to freshen up her look in between grooms and keep the shagginess at bay.

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