Welcome to Embark

Pet Friendly, Wallet Friendly, Flexible Scheduling, We Cater to Special Needs Pets

We have proudly served the Lincoln community since 2014

We specialize in working with senior pups, rescue pets and pets who may have had difficulty/behavior with grooming in the past.

Embark's founder, also known as Lar's mom, has over 16 years of industry experience, has trained more than 40 industry professional groomers and worked with pets in 8 cities throughout the Midwest.

Embark has two area locations. We offer complete, professional grooming services for dogs of all sizes, breeds and ages. We treat each pet with gentle dignity and respect as if they are our own.

We offer flexible scheduling including evenings and weekends. Please contact us if you need help finding something that will work for you and your pup.

For pups that are VIP, punch card or monthly members, here’s something you might be awesome for you! Did you see the full list of spring 2021 Pup-grades! How would you like each of these Pup-grades every single month for one flat fee? Done and done! Select any or all Pup-grades, including new ones we had for summer, fall and holidays with the new Embark Boost 2.0.

$9.95 gives you full access

  • Daycare gives you access to early drop off or late pickup

  • Nail Grinding to smooth nails after trimming

  • Paw Butter to keep paw pads soft and supple after each visit

  • Fancy Bows for pups that like to have that extra pizzazz

  • Transportation from home to Embark and Embark to home (available Summer 2021)

  • Embark Expedite 2-3 hour grooms

Only Available to March 7th: Our Seven Deals for Seven Days

Bubble Nights

Bubble Nights are back! When your pup is just getting sloppy in the weather, a bubble night is just the ticket to ensure good maintenance. Your pup, regardless of size, will get a sudsy bath, conditioner, fluff blow dry, anal glands if needed, ear cleaning, and nail trim.

March is Labrador Retriever Month

March is Labrador Retriever Month! Receive the works for your Lab for only $19.95. Bath, brush, anal gland expression, blow dry, ear cleaning, de-shedding, nail trim and finishing touches all included regardless of how big or small your Lab is.

De-shed Days

$24.95 for any double-coated breed during heavy shed times as we shed our winter coat and move into the next season. Get rid of all of that dead hair before it tumbleweeds throughout your home.

Free Pup-grades for Ruff-erals

Check out some of these a la carte options. When you refer a friend and your friend puts your name on their intake initial form, you automatically get a free credit to try out any of these Pup-grades for free. No limit on how many Ruff-eral Pup-grades you can get!

Paw Butter- for repair or prevention $2.99

Fancy Bows- $1.99

Doggie Daycare- can’t pick up right away or need to drop off early, no problem $9.99

Transportation (available Summer 2021)          no nervous, stinky or muddy pup in your car, have your pup catch a ride in our Embark mobile $9.99

Nail Grinding- $9.95

Embark Expedite: Have a schedule conflict and need your pet in 2-3 hours instead of the standard spa session time? Small pups can be expedited to two and medium/large pups can be expedited to three. Subject to availability. $14.95

Senior Sundays

Do you have a pup who is an older gent or gal? If your pet is ten years or older and/or has mild to moderate medical conditions, a Senior Sunday may be right for your pet. Senior Sundays provide a quieter, more concise groom for older pets.