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Online Booking

Tips for the online system:

Please Read Before Booking:

  • Our online system is available to you to allow you to book any time day or night. Please select the "change store" or change staff to select your desired grooming location/method if it does not default to it automatically.

  • All appointments are not listed on the online system and vice versa. So, if you absolutely cannot find anything, please contact us at (402) 915-1009 to assist you further.

  • Please keep in mind that your selection is a request, a staff member may have to contact you for changes if the requested time absolutely will not work, given all of the variables that are at play.

  • You will receive reminders from the online system once your appointment is confirmed.

  • If you have not been in before or you are bringing a new pup, please remember we will need a copy or a screenshot of your vaccination records with up to date rabies. Please note that on purpose we do not have an email/fax for vaccination records to come in all day. We want to groom pups, not push papers. Please just bring them along with you electronically or on paper.

  • Please keep in mind that in store and via mobile is by appointment. That may mean that the appointment is tightly aligned with what needs to happen in that day and may not be able to begin earlier or later than the appointed time. If you need something other than what you are selecting be sure to chat with a representative via text, phone, or chat first to make sure it will work.

  • Happy booking!

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