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Our Complete Grooming

Each complete, professional grooming service contains these essential elements. If you would like to omit any of the services, just let us know.


Brush Out

Blow Dry

Anal Gland Expression

Ear Cleaning

Nail Trim

De-Shed or Custom Haircut

Teeth Brushing

Sanitary Trim

Finishing Touches


Small Dog Grooming: $28.95

Includes breeds such as Miniature Schnauzers, Toy & Mini Poodles, Dachshunds, Shih Tzus, Lhasa Apsos, Pomeranians

Medium Dog Grooming: $38.95

Includes breeds such as Bassett Hounds, most Labrador Retrievers, most Golden Retrievers, Australian Shepherds, please note most Doodles are "Large" unless they are the size of a miniature poodle.

Large Dog Grooming: $48.95

Includes breeds such as Newfoundlands, Saint Bernards, Great Pyrenees, Standard Poodles, most Doodles

A La Carte Services

Puppy Facials: $8.95

For the pup whose face grows faster anywhere else, this quick facial will uncover those peepers, tame those bangs and trim up unruly face hairs to get everything back in order.

Nail Trim: $5.95

Nail Grinding: $9.95

Please Note: All services are subject to tax. All services are subject to availability. All services should be scheduled with a pet services specialist to ensure availability.

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