About  Us

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Embark Pet Company began in 2014 as Packy & Lar's in North Lincoln, Nebraska in the Picadilly Square. Our goal was and continues to be to provide pets and their pet parents affordable, quality pet services that are gentle to the pet and gentle to the parent's wallet.

Since the time of our inception, we have more than doubled our offerings, our staffing and our reach through creating a second location in South Lincoln for pet parents in that area to enjoy. Soon, what had started as one Pomeranian Chihuahua mix, Packy and one rescued Miniature Poodle, Lar was getting to EMBody so much more than a little pup named Packy and a little pup named Lar. To EMBrace this new vision, we became EMBARK in more recent years as we added new services to our traditional grooming services including pet photography, puppy facials, bubble nights, breed days and more!

As we enter 2020 with renewed focus, we are excited to add even more exciting value add services to the lineup. Stay tuned!

Ava & Toby have been with us since the beginning!