Free Pup-grades for Ruff-erals

Check out some of these a la carte options. When you refer a friend and your friend puts your name on their intake initial form, you automatically get a free credit to try out any of these Pup-grades for free. No limit on how many Ruff-eral Pup-grades you can get!

Paw Butter- for repair or prevention $2.99

Fancy Bows- $1.99

Doggie Daycare- can’t pick up right away or need to drop off early, no problem $9.99

Transportation (available Summer 2021)          no nervous, stinky or muddy pup in your car, have your pup catch a ride in our Embark mobile $9.99

Nail Grinding- $9.95

Embark Expedite: Have a schedule conflict and need your pet in 2-3 hours instead of the standard spa session time? Small pups can be expedited to two and medium/large pups can be expedited to three. Subject to availability. $14.95